Frequently Asked Question

2-in-1 Feeding pillow

61 X 28 X 15 cms weight 255 grams

24 X 10.5 X 6 inches weight 255 grams

Specially designed, cut, treated, cured special foam and outer cover is of PC fabric

It can be washed in a bucket of disinfectant.  Ergonomic contouring of 2-in-1 Hoopa Feeding pillow will remain stable after washing.  Outside fabric will get washed and it can be dried. Do not heat dry. It should be natural air drying.

4 types. They are classified according to product features

4 variations of Hoopa feeding pillow have different MRP & features as here under –

1) alternate use as infant carrier

2) entire pillow with baby can be reclined into suitable position

3) pillow with baby can be tilted towards mom’s chest

4) pillow can be held anywhere.  No need to hold precisely below neck & buttock

5) provides strong back support to newborn’s fragile structure

6) relaxes mom’s arms and provides great comfort during feeding

7) reclined feeding reduces colic & vomit; it enables better & faster milk digestion

8) full back support distributes baby’s weight across entire back and makes it comfortable

9) Ergonomic contouring prevents sliding of baby when pillow is reclined

World Health Organization – WHO recommends reclined position during feeding & after feeding too. Reclined position settles milk in lower region of stomach and this prevents milk throw out and colic. It enables faster and better digestion of milk

Hoopa Feeding pillow is designed with strong back so that fragile neck, spine, hands of infant get comfortable and steady support. Hoopa is the only pillow that supports infant’s delicate body and this can be achieved only with a strong back support. FREE Removable Soft Cover makes top surface soft for baby. Soft mattresses will not get added separately to cart, it will be shipped by default in matching color. 

Hoopa has ergonomically designed contours. These contours provide comfort with safety to infant. Newborn can be reclined without fear because these contours prevent sliding away of infant.

Shoulder belt is available only in 2-in-1 Hoopa Feeding pillow with shoulder belt $75.

Stitched Nest blanket protects newborn against dust, cold, heat wave, germs etc.

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